Ana Garcia on Kitchen Nightmares Season Premiere

This report is one of out a series we did exposing how valets are not regulated in Los Angeles. We showcased how anyone (including a tv news crew) can set up a valet stand and people will just give you their keys! This series of reports eventually led to a Law change in Los Angeles.

Mennonite Mob Investigation. This is one of the craziest organized crime stories i have ever produced. The Mennonites are even more devout and traditional then the Amish. No modern luxuries at all, but that has not stopped a group of Mennonites from starting one of the most deadly organized crime syndicates in the world.

NBC LA Investigation - Fields of Shame. We were one of the only news agencies to capture on video a human smuggling ring in the act. These women were being smuggled across the border to work as sex slaves. This story broke national after we aired it.

Shut Up! With Deborah, Dorothy and Ana. A weekly webshow/podcast on UBN Radio and Itunes A candid conversation with Zoey Tur, a fellow journalist we knew as Bob Tur. How he made the decision, how he told his kids, how she feels now as she finishes her transition.

Dorthy Lucey and Ana Garcia web show and podcast on UBN

Dorothy Lucey and Ana Garcia podcast: latest on Haiti, tourism and Madeline Stowe of ABC's Revenge. Mending Kids International & Artists for Peace and Justice