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Tomorrowland Can Wait: Review

This movie is so long, that it feels like tomorrow by time it's over. 

George Clooney may save the world ( duh, it's Disney of course the world is saved) but he can't save Tomorrowland. 

This futurist film about a parallel universe of dreamers and inventors has a great message about not waiting until it's too late to save our planet from war, climate change, know the real evil doers. But the messaging is so overt, and the writing so obvious, it seems amateurish. 

The special effects are so kitschy that the futuristic city looks like Dubai. The costumes are a bland version of The Hunger Games. Hugh Laurie looks like he is wearing MC Hammer pants with an Elton John jacket. 

George Clooney who is arguably one of the best looking men, honestly looks terrible and tired. Did he take this role just to pay for his over-the-top wedding to Amal Alamuddin in Venice because that's the only thing that would make sense. 

Raffey Cassidy as the robot Athena, is fantastic. She's the most interesting character and Cassidy owns the screen.  

I never connected with this film and I wanted to. I am a huge fan of The Iron Giant, which was directed by Brad Bird. Bird clearly has a heart, and dreams big, but maybe the simplicity of his message is lost with a bunch of extra stuff that takes away from the  storytelling. 

I say pass.