Pitch Perfect 2: Not So Perfect


I wanted to see this movie no matter what. Reviews could not stop me. 

I loved Pitch Perfect so much that when I met Anna Kendrick at a charity event I embarrassed myself terribly by asking "ac-excuse me, can I take a photo with you?" 

She didn't laugh, and I didn't laugh at her sequel. Payback is a bitch. 

Pitch Perfect was so perfect because it had a great storyline about a girl who didn't fit in, or at least thought she didn't. It had a charming love story and quirky characters. 

The love story, the parenting struggles and the fun of the competition are all missing from Pitch Perfect 2. Even Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson, is less edgy. 

It's as if the entire movie is a string of cameos. Even the cast feels like they are just dropping by. Maybe Elizabeth Banks wasn't the right person to direct. 

Hailee Steinfeld's character, Emily, is new, but we don't know why. She doesn't change the course of events. 

The only moment, or storyline comes from Keegan-Michael Key who plays a record company exec looking for the next breakthrough. Snoop Dog singing a Christmas song is like puppy love: cute and sweet. 

The Bella's have changed, or maybe the actresses playing them have, because now they wear tons of make-up and false eyelashes, even in the camping scene. That's not the Beca with the chipped nail polish we met in the first movie. 

Bring back the real Bella's I miss them.