Two Nights With Jack Black

Jack Black doesn't know it, but we spent two nights together enjoying theater and TV. It's what we do best in Los Angeles 

Two Premieres, Two Totally Different Shows

I thank the stars, the ones above not the ones who live in Beverly Hills, for great theater in Los Angeles. 

Theater here doesn't get nearly the attention that movies and TV do, but the audience is appreciative. Which brings me back to Jack Black.  

The School of Rock star is everything you see in that movie. I found that out at the opening of Matilda The Musical at The Ahmonson Theater. I loved Matilda because it's about the little girl in all of us. 

Jack Black and I were seated in the same row. See, I circled him in red in the photo.

He was with his wife and kids, and since I’m such a huge fan…I kept peeking over to see him. 

I'm so happy to report that Jack Black was enthusiastic, and as engaged as you would expect him to be. It made me like him that much more. 

The next night, I saw Jack Black again. Hey it’s LA. 

This time it was at the premiere of HBO’s new comedy The Brink, starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins. No kids tonight, this is HBO. 

So, The Brink can only be described as a cross between the movies Airplane and Austin Powers. The world is at the brink of nuclear war because of stupid crap which is weaved in with real life global tensions. Robbins plays a sex-crazed Secretary of State and Black is peon at the US embassy in Islamabad. Iqbal Theba, who you know best as the principal on Glee, is brilliant as the nutty military dictator. 

It's snarky, silly boy humor, and I laughed.  The Sanjay Gupta joke had me in tears.

Tonight, Jack Black was kind and warm like a host should be. 

I think the show will be a hit for HBO. As for the party, HBO does a great job with all its premieres, and what's not to love about a hand-grenade piggy bank as a party gift?